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Email Sign-up

In order to log into an Office 365 account with UNC Single Sign On, you must first sign up for an account. If you have not signed up for an account please follow the instructions provided by ITS here.

ITS Security Information

The University’s Information Security Office oversees the security of the University’s electronic information. The Information Security Office is responsible for coordinating and ensuring Information Security across the University in a manner that is consistent with industry best practices and the University’s compliance obligations. To meet these objectives, the Information Security Office develops information security policies and oversees the implementation of strategic information security initiatives for the University.

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2-Step Verification

Activating 2-Step Verification boosts protection of your UNC accounts from hackers. We are all used to having one layer of security —  our password — to protect our accounts. With 2-Step, if bad guys get through the password layer, they will still need your phone or other second verification method to get into your accounts.

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One Card

Learn more about how to get your UNC One Card. Your One Card is a multipurpose identification card that also serves as a card for building access, copy and print services, library access, and access to campus events.

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TIM (Time Information Management) System

The Time Information Management System (TIM) is UNC-Chapel Hill’s official time-capturing system utilized to track SHRA employee hours for accurate calculation of payment as well as to track leave for accurate reporting records for SHRA and Permanent EHRA employees.

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